Fratelli Alemagna: The Ambassadors, chapter 1.

Mauro Grifoni | Fratelli Alemagna: The Ambassadors, chapter 1.
"The Ambassadors" is meant to share stories of people with a stylish personality, men and women we find very inspiring for different reasons. Here’s the first chapter of the project: meet Alemagna Brothers, grown-up in a family which business and art of pastry-making is based on quality and tradition. Click play, listen their “Made in Italy" voices and way of thinking. Taste their passion for colors and chocolate, touch the quality of raw materials and the flavors of a sartorially attitude that fits perfectly with Mauro Grifoni contemporary style lab. 


Mauro Grifoni

DRESS: FP270958 FQ050 45
BELT: FP402427 FAPC8 99
SHOES: FP409222 FQ052 302